Captain James T. Kirk (starshipcommand) wrote,
Captain James T. Kirk

concrit | how's my driving?

Anonymous posting and comment screening enabled
IP logging and My Guests disabled

  • Offer concrit
  • Ask me random silly questions
  • Ask for threads, discuss plot and potential CR, etc.
  • Share your thoughts with me about anything!
  • Ask for fic, ficbites, my massive folders of icons, etc. c:
  • Spam fun things~
  • Give me time to process the concrit. I may not respond right away, but I will respond!

  • Be malicious/spiteful/post just to cause wank, but don't hold back on the crit, either
  • Hesitate to talk to me if something about me, the way I play Jim, or anything like that bothers you.
  • I don't want anyone's game to be ruined; I want to work things out! Please, please, let me know if I need to fix something, I beg of you.
Tags: hmd
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