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NOTE: all threads prior to 1/5/2011 will have broken icons. orzzz

Dear_Mun | Metaverse
first d_m post
talks with Bones
cheers up Oly
cheers up Tsuna
talks with Dawn
first meeting Sephiroth
dirtyvegasrp/allgoodthings Bones

first meeting Joanna
Jo's mun considers sending her to Amat. Jim saves her
first meeting bb Jo

talks with Data

second d_m post
cheers up Marie Vetsera
"first" meeting Jan
first meeting Tifa
first meeting Thomas
"first" meeting Chapel
lol Sephiroth and Loz
Luceti's Bones

third d_m post
talks with Bones
talks with Dawn
talks with Jan

first meeting Elegy City's George Kirk (Daddy)
letter to Dad

Artemis' first d_m post

CFUD's Bones

talks with Bones
talks with Chapel
talks with Donna

George comes to visit

talks with Spock at treksixwords

fourth d_m post

talks to a different older Joanna
DDD's Sulu

Jan dyes her hair blue and the girls of the ship pull a prank on Jim

talks with Disney's John Smith... who has the PB of Chris Pine
Jim sings his mun happy birthday

talks to another Kirk

the muns ship Fenrir/Artemis

Jim comments on Harvest Moon (fifth d_m post)

talks with Fry
Luceti's Bones

Chapel needs a hug
Bones is turned into a girl. Jim threadhops

hey look, a new George
Joanna gets aged up because Jim and Bones dropped Ruby City

sixth d_m post

Jim talks to Chapel about his leaving RC. A huge fight breaks out and almost gets out of control

talks with Kyron

seventh d_m post

first post at sixwords
talks with girl Chekov (Pasha)

talks with Pasha

talks with Scotty
talks with Pike
talks with... God?!

talks with 13

talks with Pasha

talks with vampire asshole obsessed with Bones Damon. also, CFUD's Bones

talks with Ariadne
considering route_29
hi, Mirrorcoy

talks to an otherself

talks to Elegy City's George

kitty Pasha!

talks to an otherself about traps

talks to bro!otherself

talks to Pasha

talks to Elfangor, who looks like Jim
more Pasha talking!
talks with Jan

encourages his mun
talks with a homeless Bones

looked over at d_m just at the right time

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