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NAME: James Tiberius Kirk
SERIES: Star Trek XI
HISTORY: Wikia entry.
TIMELINE: First day after the end of the movie. Jim goes to bed after the ship takes off and... wakes up in Prom.
Captain James T. Kirk of the the USS Enterprise NCC-1701 is bold, intense, confident, and clever. Energetic and curious, he is always moving, always ready to take charge and do whatever it takes to get the job done. As a decisive and action-driven person, leadership comes naturally to him. In Starfleet Academy, he was on the command path, not only specializing in the tactical analysis and survival strategy fields, but excelling in them. He was among the top of his class, and he graduated early because he was promoted as reward for the hand he had in saving the Earth from the rogue Romulan from the future, Nero. He is Starfleet's poster boy and the youngest captain in Starfleet's history.

He also drove an antique car off a cliff when he was a kid.

More times than not, Kirk isn't entirely what people expect him to be. When he's not in captain mode, his demeanor seems to completely change. Anyone who meets him outside of his captain mode first typically finds him to be informal, flirty, and a smartass. He is a physical person, the type who needs to dig in and do things for himself, and he does best when he can physically move and express himself. Combine these things with his curiousity (he Needs To Know what's going on around him and how everyone he meets ticks), his energy (which, without direction, turns into the boundless energy of a five-year-old), and his confidence (which can border at egotism) and, well... You have a born troublemaker.

Kirk can be a lot like an intelligent dog at times: endlessly energetic with a goofy sense of humor, and if he gets bored, he decides that finding out what those fancy expensive shoes taste like is the best idea in the world. Restless and stubborn, once he gets an idea in his head it's almost impossible to convince him to stop. He is adaptable, bouncing back from any difficulty that brings him down, and his ability to think quick on his feet and make fast (if impulsive) decisions has saved not only his ass, but the lives of others. He's well-known for his reckless "leap before looking" nature, as he'll jump headlong into a high-risk situation seemingly without weighing the consequences.

The key word there is "seemingly": Kirk is extremely intelligent, having been described as being at "genius-level" by Christopher Pike in canon, and nine times out of ten, he just processes the situation faster than other people can follow. Of course, just because he looks doesn't mean he always decides to pick the smartest choice; he is just as emotional as he is smart, and it isn't unlike him to choose the option he thinks is right over the one that is more logical.

But even for all his trouble-mongering habits, Kirk is ultimately a good guy at heart. He honestly cares about other people, even if he covers it up at times with sarcasm and skepticism. He has a way with people that even he isn't aware of and a knack for connecting with those he meets without even trying. He accepts people as they come and is willing to embrace them into his found family. He is a social person through-and-through, and he needs to be around people in order to really feel like himself.

But even for his giant network of acquaintances, he has a surprisingly small inner circle. These are his dearest, most precious people in the world, the ones who actually understand him and can read past all his pretenses, and he wouldn't know what he'd do without them. He would be able to function and be himself and be successful, yes; he is independent, and very much so. But he wouldn't be as truly happy as he otherwise would be, and he knows it. Kirk needs to be needed, needs to be important. For all his ego and confidence, it needs to be refilled, and this is when his most precious people are the most important to his stability. He not only needs people to believe in him, he needs to know they believe in him, and occasionally he needs to be reminded that they do.

His inner monologue tends to be a lot more serious than most people expect. When left on his own, he does a lot of thinking and, if his mood is right, this can easily lead into brooding. Due to his father's death, his mother being in active duty in Starfleet, and his brother running away from home, Kirk has abandonment issues. Paradoxically, while he is enthusiastic to adopt people into his found family, he is also slow to trust. This is the cause for his having many friends and few close friends. When his mindset takes a dive for the unhealthy, he longs for clubs and bars again. Even though he may not always want to let people close, he needs to be around people and needs that semblance of connection, which is why he fell into that lifestyle of "go to a bar, get drunk, pick up chicks, have one night stands."

Despite this, though, he wasn't made the youngest captain in Starfleet's history for nothing. Everything in the introductory paragraph is true, even if others may not think so at times. He is a good captain, duty-driven and committed to his crew, and he will do whatever he can to keep not just his crew -- his found family -- safe and sound, but also anyone who needs their help along the way. He is loyal to his crew, and that trust is returned.
He's a damn good shot with a phaser, and while he was a cadet in Starfleet Academy, he was the assistant instructor in advanced hand-to-hand combat, which means he's damn good in close-quarters combat, too. He was also treasurer of the xenolinguistics club, and though he was there to antagonize prove himself to Uhura, it also shows that he's skilled with languages. He's a very good hacker and generally awesome with technology, as shown by his being able to hack Spock's programming in order to mess with the Kobayashi Maru test. Otherwise, he's just your average human.

PLACE OF SOLACE: the USS Enterprise NCC-1701. all of it. yeah.



"Your father was captain of the starship for twelve minutes. He saved eight hundred lives, including your mother's... and yours." Pike paused for the breadth of a second. "I dare you to do better."

Jim rode his motorcycle out to the shipyard early that morning, after he sobered up enough to drive without getting himself killed. He drove past farm after farm, vast expanses of flat land, the dry dirt of the road flying up like seafoam in his wake. He knew that land, knew that road. Knew it like the back of his hand. It had long since ceased being any semblance of comforting. Instead, it was... confining. Stifling. He could look around and see as far as his eyes could to all directions, and he saw... nothing. There wasn't anything for him there. Not since his brother did the smart thing and got the hell out.

He came to a stop by the wire fence surrounding the shipyard. A starship had been under construction there for God knew how long. It towered above him, taller than any tree that ever would've grown in that damn state. It no longer looked like a skeleton, but it wasn't anywhere near being complete; giant scaffolding held it up and large panels of its grey skin were missing, exposing the bones and veins of metal and electricity within. Jim could trace with his eyes the emerging signs of grace in the lines of its design. He followed the shape of the arching neck to the flat oval head, and from there up to the sky. The sun wasn't up yet, and the whole scene was cast in teals and greys in the half-born sunlight.

Not for the first time in his life, Jim felt insignificant. Small. Just a pinprick with an attitude in an ocean of hicks and farm animals. Sitting there, staring up at the ship and the sky, he could really feel how worthless a punk like him was in the face of the rest of the universe. "So your dad dies, you can settle for less than an ordinary life. But you feel like you were meant for something better. Something special."

He stayed there for a long time. For hours. Until the sun came up and the horizon was bathed daisy yellow. Thoughts slipped through his mind like water through his fingers, sifting through his palm before falling freely away where they could be forgotten.

He wouldn't be able to explain his thought process to anyone later, not even himself. He knew he weighed his choices, considered the consequences of if he chose to stay or if he chose to go, what would happen if he failed there, what would happen if he succeeded, where he would go from there. He knew he thought about his brother. His stepfather. His mom. His dad. About what could've been, should've been, never was, never would be. And he knew the conclusion he came to. It was a cliché, predictable one, but Jim didn't care because, hell, it was true. What else was he supposed to think?

Anywhere was better than here.

He didn't care if he wound up flunking out. What did he have to lose? No... Actually, that wasn't true. He had too much to lose by going to the Academy just to fuck it all up. He wasn't going to flunk out. He wouldn't accept loss. He wouldn't fuck it up. He could make it. He could do it. He could win it. And he would. He'd get up there no matter how hard he had to work. He'd stop being a face among a mass of uniforms, and he'd be the biggest goddamn star in the sky.

Enlisting turned out to be the best damn decision he ever made in his life.

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