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NOTE: all Ruby City threads will have broken icons. sorryyyyy

Ruby City
✰ 2258.64
(real: July 9)
arrival in Ruby City
talk with Bones
first meeting Joanna
first meeting Rattrap
first meeting Lavi
first meeting Zack
first meeting Loz
first meeting Dinobot
first meeting Tidus
first meeting Vincent
first meeting Sephiroth
practical example of magic
house shopping with Bones and Jo, map getting from Lavi

✰ 2258.65 (real: July 9 -- in-game: July 10)
invites Goku to move in
Goku meets the Trek "family"

✰ 2258.66 (real: July 9 -- in-game: July 11)
truth or dare with Axel. first time snogging Bones (as a dare)

✰ 2258.66 (real: July 11)
first meeting Rikku
7th Heaven opening. first meeting Tifa

✰ 2258.67 (real: July 12)
first meeting Naoki
✧ Zack gives Jim materia: Fire, Blizzard, HP Up, Barrier, Cure
✧ Zack starts teaching Jim how to use it, though Jim is wary because he doesn't know how it (the magic) works scientifically
✧ Jim tells Bones about his day and they have a discussion/rant about magic

✰ 2258.68 (real: July 13)
first meeting Jet

✰ 2233.69 (real: July 14)
first meeting Gilbert
first meeting Cara

✰ 2258.70 (real: July 15)
Goku decides to move out

✰ 2258.72 (real: July 17)
Sephiroth makes an announcement about a "being of darkness"
Loz finds a supermarket
First meeting Neku

✰ 2258.74 (real: July 19)
A freed Garland makes his appearance in the park
Dinobot reports seeing Garland absorb a monster
Lavi sleepwalks

✰ 2258.75 (real: July 20)
Rattrap makes his weekly announcement. Casts collide in an epic show of fireworks
Rattrap ships Kirk/McCoy
Garland harasses Rattrap. Bones backs him up. Jim backs HIM up. Sephiroth backs JIM up...

✰ 2258.76 (real: July 22/23)
The monsters leave the park
Inferno arrives
Scorponok arrives
Rattrap's morning announcement
Mona Lisa arrives
Bones finds a clinic
Lavi suggests using the library as a shelter
Sephiroth organizes efforts to keep people safe while going from the library to the clinic
Jim and Sephiroth discuss if Garland is responsible for the monsters and develop a plan to build an electric fence (first conversation only)
T'Pol arrives
Dinobot needs rescuing
✧ Jim spends the night talking to and organizing people to help construct the electric fence

✰ 2258.77 (real: July 23)
Jim, Sephiroth, Rattrap, and Bones have a polite bitchfight and then discuss building walkways on the roofs (the rest of the conversations)
Jim relays the plan to the rest of the city
first meeting Balthier
first meeting Fran
first meeting Firion
first meeting Larxene
first meeting Marisa
first meeting Ila
first meeting Itsuki
first meeting Xion
first meeting Hiroko
Zack and Jim talk about the magic

✰ 2258.80 (real: July 26)
✰ Jim's birthday
✧ Jim gets the notes to Sephiroth about who volunteered and who can do what
Jim listens to Oruha sing
Jan arrives (missed because of...)
Jim and Lavi come to Larxene's rescue

✰ 2258.82 (real: July 28)
Chapel arrives (Jim misses it because he's busy working)

✰ 2258.83 (real: July 29)
Rufus says "Work for ShinRa!"

✰ 2258.84 (real: July 30)
Lenalee makes cupcakes

✰ 2258.86 (real: August 1)
Vincent plays piano
Rattrap has a piano in his living room
Oruha sings a song for Vincent
Rikku builds a machina
Hope arrives
Nill arrives

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