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i've found i'm scared to know i'm always on your mind

Jim's best friend since he joined the Starfleet Academy. Despite the doctor's gruff and skeptical attitude, Bones is the closest person to him. Bones keeps him grounded and puts the pieces back together when Jim falls apart (along with lectures and bitching when it's because he pulled some kind of stunt), physically, emotionally, and mentally. In return, Jim pulls Bones to his feet when he falls too deep within himself (complete with smiles and assurances that everything's going to be okay because, dammit all, he'll MAKE it okay). This seemingly symbiotic relationship borders on has fallen into co-dependency, not most people would be able to tell by looking at them. Ever since they started a relationship in IM RP, Jim has been doing a lot of thinking about where he would be in life without Bones and what he would do without him, and that (rather unhappy) train of thought has led to the realization that he's very much actually In Love with Bones, which is why Jim decided to grapple with his commitment issues and agreed to marry him. Ever since the boys' kidnap and escape from the Knights of the Order of the Falcon, they've been emotionally and psychologically scarred. This has only led them to cling to each other closer and be more protective of one another, but it's... not necessarily in a healthy way. They have a lot to work through, but Jim is certain they'll make it.

you blew away my storm and strife and shook the bones of me
best friend (fiancé)

your style is quite selective though your mind is rather reckless

Jim's yeoman, which basically makes her his secretary-assistant-secondary caretaker (after Bones, of course)-cheatsheet-errand girl. She is efficient and has a good memory and a knack for lists and he's quite fond of her. Her straight-forward, sassy attitude is one that Jim took to quickly, and it didn't take long for him to start relying on her for advice on things that he probably shouldn't ask someone who works under him (like relationships). Although he keeps an easy-going, sibling-like front, he's more attached to her than he probably realizes. However (and ironically), there tends to be a lot of communication issues between the two, so it isn't uncommon for them to have spats.

always seriously joking and rambunctiously soft-spoken
crew (sister)

i worry i won't see your face light up again

What started as an attempt to get along with his best friend's girlfriend somehow turned into an attempt to make a three-way relationship work, which... has failed. But along the way, Jim tried to get to know this off-standish girl, tried to make friendly and get her to open up. It started to work, slowly, but he's still getting to really properly know her. He adores her, knowing that there's a sweeter, more vulnerable girl under it all, and there are no words for how awful he feels about how the relationship has ended. Not long after they broke things off, Artemis was kidnapped, and it was up to Jim to concoct a plan to rescue her. It worked and very well, and now Artemis is on the recovery path. Jim has been helping her as much as he can... and has also been making subconscious links between her and his mother. Now that Artemis is in a budding relationship with Fenrir, Jim has mixed and bittersweet feelings about it -- He's happy they're happy, but it seems to be tugging on strings to his past that he doesn't want brought up.

what you feel is what you are, and what you are is beautiful
friend (ex-lover)

questions of science, science and progress

Technology buddy! Science buddy! Scotty and Jim have been trying to figure out how the eff magic works from day one, and Jim does not have words for how grateful he is for all the work Scotty has done to make sense of what feels like madness. Jim has been running around all over the place taking care of all the crazy shenanigans going on, and as a result, he feels bad that he hasn't had as much time to sit down and talk nerd with Scotty. He fully intends to make up for it, though; he'll bring the sandwiches.

this is a strange enough new play on words
crew (friend)

look into your heart and you'll find that the sky is yours

This girl somehow managed to wriggle her way so close to Bones' heart that he (unofficially) adopted her -- Of course Jim had to get to know her! He found out why quickly; she's a sweet kid with a big, accepting, and sensitive heart and an insatiable curiousity about everything around her. After listening to her come to Bones for moral advice, Jim couldn't help but respect her for her determination to do the right thing and her desire to just help everyone around her, despite her youth, despite what she's gone through. His goal? Make her laugh more. She does wonders for Bones' nerves; the least he can do is make her light up the room.

don't stop believing, hold on to that feeling
family (almost daughter-in-law[!])

you're scheming on a thing that's a mirage

Yyyyyyes, as in the... Norse god... Yeah, Jim still doesn't really believe that, sorry, man. He's cool and all, and he's definitely not a normal wolf, but, uhhh... Considering Jim's still having trouble wrapping his head around magic, he is probably never going to be ready to accept that Fen's a GOD-god. Especially since he doesn't believe in them. No offense. But Fenrir and Jim get along well enough. Mostly because Jim is willing to feed him scraps and give him ear scratches. But also because they have a similar snarky sassy rebellious troll type sense of humor. Now that Fenrir and Artemis have become enamored with each other and are most definitely likely to pair up, Jim couldn't be happier for them; Fenrir is probably one of the few people Jim would trust her with.

you say you got no faith in things that you can't see
buddy (friend)

The Cefkas and Bebe
stop calling, stop calling, i don't wanna talk any more

So Cefca? Cefca is a crazy clown. That is to say, Cefca is a crazy clown who is also a god of magic. Who is the neutral good counterpart to Kefka, who is EVIL. They're one and the same, and yet different and separate. But they're both a god of magic (gods of magic?) and they're both crazy. So basically... What the hell? Jim does not even know what to do with the two of them. Well. Okay, that's a lie. He pretty much ignores Kefka and Kefka rarely shows up in Jim's life (except to occasionally be a nuisance), but Cefca has this thing about wanting to be liked, and so he keeps trying to be friendly, but he keeps trying too hard. So, it's awkward, and Jim doesn't know what to do with him. Especially since Cefca's got his Problems and they seem to go explodey around Jim, which... isn't necessarily helping Jim with his Problems. Not that Cefca's making matters worse, but he's certainly not making it any easier. Basically, Cefca is socially awkward and has decided to try and make friends with Jim at not a good time. His daughter, Bebe, is a sweetheart and Jim doesn't mind her so much, but she is... also socially awkward, because she is a small child who wasn't socialized properly, and she also has bad timing because she seems to always want to spend time with Jim whenever he's having some kind of a breakdown or has other things to worry about and focus on. Overall? Awkward family is awkward.

and when you're sick, you seem to think you've failed eternally
wtf? (Jim doesn't even)